We have been serving the Indonesian Armed Forces for more than 10 years.  We have work closely with the Navy, Army, Police and their Special Forces Units.  We have supplied them with various products from ship and aircraft parts to diving and combat gears.

In our works, we always prioritize our good name and reputation, we believe that a good reputation is more important than a financial profit.  Therefore,  we always provide our end users with the best quality products and professional services.   We prefer to loose money than to loose our end users’ trust.

All these years we have got nothing but compliment and satisfaction feedbacks from our end users.  We have promised ourself, our suppliers and our end users to keep on doing what we do best, to provide them with the best quality products and services.

Our end users are the focus of our business.  We always build long term relationship with our suppliers and end users through our superior performance.  We always treat people with respect, dignity, courtesy and fairness.  Therefore we keep on getting various projects and activities throughout the years, which always keep us busy, and at the end, make us proud of our hard work.